Important Documents

The Kalgidhar Trust, in its pursuit to develop Baru Sahib complex as an educational hub of the region, has decided to set up The Akal College of Education in this complex. This would be a valuable addition to the existing galaxy of educational institutions comprising Eternal University with its attached institutions such as Akal College of Engineering & Technology, Akal College of Nursing and Akal College of Music etc. besides two Akal Academies. The required building of the college is already complete and members of both the teaching and non-teaching staff are also in position.

The Trust has sought recognition for establishing this College as a minority institution from the National Council for Teacher Education, with an intake of 100 girl students. The first course of the proposed college shall commence with effect from the Upcoming academic session.

The institution is attached with the Eternal University, Baru Sahib which is taking all steps to ensure that the institution comes up really well and would be one of the best institutions in the region.